Web Development

2+ years of experience in RESTful api with express and node, security tool development, nosql etc.


5+ years experience with linux system, played with various destros, package manager and settled down finally with Arch & Pacman.

Tools & Technologies

AWS Services (CloudWatch, EC2, S3, SES, SNS, Secrets Manager etc.)Bash & Zsh scriptingDocker, Kubernetes, helm, EKS, ECS etcgit/github/gitlab, actions, pipelineslinux (Arch, Debian)nodejs, typescript, python, rustRESTful API & Postman API testingsql & nosql (mysql, postgres, mongodb)tmuxVarious security tools (nmap, nc, metasploit, frida, burp etc.)VS Code & Vim


Oct, 2020 Jul, 2022
A young security enthusiast driven company filled with security researchers to provide ultimate security solution for websites and mobile applications.

Project Manager

Dec, 2021 Jul, 2022
Managed technical aspect of the project called ReconwithMe, which was an automated vulnerability scanning and penetration testing tool, developed by security researchers for IT security teams.
  • Guided overall technical team on development process
  • Trained several interns with RESTful API development on expressjs

Backend Developer

Jan, 2021 Dec, 2021
As a backend developer of a vulnerability scanning tool, I developed RESTful api which scans various tools and technelogy and gather vulnerable informations of the target.
  • Worked haviely on building tools and functionalaties on finding vulnerability on web applications
  • Actively maintained AWS infracture of the product (ec2, SES, SNS, ECR ...) along with CI/CD with github action and docker.
  • Developed and designed RESTful api with expressjs. Was kinda repetative but learned various stuff about RESTful API at that moment

Security Researcher & Nodejs Developer

Oct, 2020 Jan, 2021
Worked on scrapping some security related stuff, developed few mini tools for scanning the web. Strongify my knowledge on OSWAP Top 10
  • Developed scrapper with python and BS4
  • Did little bit of pentesting
  • Learned OSWAP top 10

Backend Developer

Sep, 2022 Mar, 2023
As a Backend Developer at Dharahara Clothings, I design and develop scalable and efficient web applications, APIs, and databases.
  • Designed and developed a RESTful API using Node.js and MongoDB for a shopping platform that handles thousands of requests per day. Implemented JWT-based authentication and role-based access control to ensure secure and seamless user experience.
  • Used aws services and CICD tools to deploy the application and maintained it using various aws services.
  • Did backend project lead in a way where I was responsible for designing the whole artictiture of the project.


Introduction to Cybersecurity

Cisco • Certified 2020

Docker Essentials: A Developer Introduction

IBM • Certified 2022


London Metropolitan University

Bsc. IT (Hons) Networking & IT Security • 2017 — 2021

Overall, this course gave me a strong foundation of knowledge in computer networks, network security, and cyber security. It has given me the tools and understanding to work in this field and be able to design, implement, and manage secure web and networks.

Personal Projects

Developer, Open-Source Contributor • 2021 — Present

eReKon is web recon tool that helps search and scan information related to a website or domain. It mines domain info, gathers subdomains, scrapping and indexing public information, finds website technologies, finds out DNS and WHOIS information, crawls subdomain pages. In a nutshell, it is a single solution to quickly identify public information, find hidden targets, and monitor changes.

React Dev, Open-Source Contributor • 2023 — Present

A simple web app that takes pdf as input and let you talk with it through chat interface. It is built using React, Next.js, and Scss. Powered by OpenAi's GPT-3 API.

Developer • 2023 — Present

vstatus is a Visual Studio Code extension that tracks your workspace and file durations, generates insightful activity visualizations, and provides a live status image via an HTTP server. (Initially Intented to be used for github readme page)

Outside Interests

In my free time I enjoy writing on my blog about DevOps and web development, also non geeky side of me loves reading self-help book and philoshopy books.

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