I am a huge believer and supporter of opensource community. As it offers the freedom of customization of the software, access to a wide range of resource and support from the community, the opportunity to collaborate with other users, and the chance to contribute to the development of something great. The opensource community also allows users to experiment with their software without the fear of being locked into expensive licensing fees.

I used opensource tool as much as I can. So here are various day to day opensource softwares and applications I use on my day to day life.

On Linux

not a complete list, will be updated from time to time.

name Desc type Licence
Arch os Stopped distro hopping after installing Arch OS Opensource
kitty Once a guy reccomended, stopped term hopping since then Terminal Opensource
fish Recently moved from zsh, getting the hang of it now. fish ell might be the best sofar Shell Opensource
ripcord Never using slack app unless i need it. slack is too fancy for me to use, a boomer. Communication Opensource
AnyDesk Control other system Remotely or let your be controlled. Utilities Freeware
cht.sh Cheatsheet Utilities Opensource
vs-code I would say it as IDE like text editor Utilities Opensource
neovide Neovim on rust, beautiful af Text Editor Opensource

More to be added…

On Android

name Desc type Licence
Termux Quickly helps me to ssh into servers Terminal Emulator Opensource
Cloud Stream Free Stream movies, anime, TV series, Documentaries and more Streaming service Opensource
Unexpected Keyboard Awesome keyboard for android Keyboard Opensource
Librera Reader Awesome pdf, ebook reader for android Reader Opensource
AN2Linux Shows notification of your android device to your linux machine Utility Opensource
ArchWiki Viewer Read Arch wiki anytime anywhere Reader OpenSource
Aria2App Slow download speed? Use your full bandwidth with this Utility Opensource
Aurora Non-official Library Genesis mobile client. Downloader Opensource
Wormhole Send files to android device from your linux machine & viceversa Utility Opensource
Authy Syncable, crossplatform 2fa auth app 2fa app Free
MacroDroid Task automation on adroid device Utility Fremium
Prepaid Balance Dont bother pressing * and #, use this instead Utility Opensource
Draw Draw whatever you want on your android device Drawing app Opensource
Neo Store Download apps from f-droid repo Utility Opensource
Signal Signal is a secure, open source, encrypted, communication app Communication app Opensource
Notion Notion is a simple, fast, and free note-taking app Note-taking app Opensource
Material File File manager for android File manager Opensource
Aurora Store An awesome Google Playstore Client Playstore Client Opensource
SimpleSSHD Easy to use SSH server Utility Opensource
phyphox Perform physics experiments with your phone. Utility Opensource
NASA Imagery Fetcher Get the latest images from NASA’s IOTD and APOD services Utility Opensource
Linux Command Lib Linux Command Lib Utility Opensource
Easy Xkcd Easy xkcd is an Open Source reader for xkcd Utility Opensource
Notification Dictionary An Android app to display meaning of the word as notification. Utility Opensource
Finder Remote mobile phone searching via SMS requests. Utility Opensource
Infinity A beautiful, feature-rich Reddit client. Reddit Client Opensource
mpv-android Listen to music and watch video Media Player Opensource
SpotiFlyer Download All your songs from Spotify and more Downloader Opensource
Uploadgram Telegram as a file storage Utility Opensource
mpv-remote Android application to control mpv running on another computer. Utility Opensource
ServeIt ServeIt is a simple http-server on android device. Utility Opensource
DuckDuckGo Privacy, simplified Browser Opensource
Nekogram X The third-party Telegram android app. Communiaction Opensource
Disabler Disable / freez android applications Utilities Opensource
DNS66 Block ads/hosts via DNS Utilities Opensource
CBWallet Wallet, news and everything about crypto Finance Premium
Paxful Trade crypto Finance Premium
Seal yt-dlp in an app Utilities Opensource
AnonAddy Email Aliases for preventing spams Utilities Fremium
App Checker Checks apps and system informations Info Ads
Tachiyomi Manga Reader Reader Opensource


Licence Description
Opensource Do whatever with the app
Free Not an opensource, but is free with no ads
Ads Free app but contains ads
Fremium App if partially free, might contain ads and
Premium Need to purchase the app or subscription